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Health & Fitness for Adults


  • Muscle Mix Fitness Classes

    A great mix of cardio, weights, steps and gym equipment that will challenge your balance, strength and your desire to get fit and healthy.

  • Spin Classes

    Beginner Spin

    This 45 minute group cycling spinning is for beginners and those wishing to start out slowly. Learn all of the basics in this class while still achieving a great workout!

    Spinning With ….

    This 45 Minute indoor group spinning class offering a combination of intervals, sprints, hills and endurance training. Each session is designed and timed to energize, challenge and empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

    Bikes and Bells

    60 minute indoor group spinning with intervals of kettlebell strength training exercises.

    Team/Group classes—Call Now To Book!

    We can schedule spin classes for your team or group (max. 9/class) just contact us to make the arrangements.

    Why Spinning………….

     Official Spinning Facility!

     Certified Spinning Instructors!

     An incredible workout for all health and fitness goals, from weight loss to sport-specific training!

     A multi benefit workout that improves cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and power!

     A more comfortable ride on the official Spinner® bike, a fully adjustable stationary

  • Indoor/Outdoor Walking Exercise Progam

    This walking exercise program is free of charge provided by West Lambton Community Health Centre. The program is held indoors throughout the winter season but is also taken outdoors to enjoy beautiful fall & spring weather.